£500 High street vouchers to all new landlord, subject to the following terms and conditions:

Letting fee of 8% plus VAT (9.6% inc VAT)

Renewal Fee of 5% plus VAT (6% inc VAT)

Rent Collection of 9% Plus VAT (10.8% inc VAT)

Fully Managed of 12% Plus VAT (14.4% inc VAT)


  1. Initial Service – The first stage in LONDON HomeLets Letting Service will commence with an initial visit to view the property in question, to agree a marketable rental value and to discuss the particular circumstances pertaining to the property and client.  Unless otherwise stated, rents, quoted to a Tenant by us on your behalf, are inclusive of ground rent, and service charge.  Utilities for fuel, oil or other, where independent systems exist are not included.
  2. Marketing – LONDON HomeLets have a consistent and constant supply of applicants, this enables us to inform a large number of prospective occupants of your vacancy immediately.  We have many means of drawing applicants both through direct and indirect advertisements.
  3. Viewing – Viewings are directly in your discretion, if you would like us to arrange appointments & then tell the clients to meet you directly at the property or we usually do everything from arranging the appointment and taking them to the property to view.
  4. References – Once a prospective occupant shows interest in your property, we will then take a small sum to confirm their interest and provide an offer letter with details of what is agreed. Then proceed to gather their references, which will include previous landlord, work and financial.


On our finding a tenant who is accepted by you, or whom you have given us authority to accept on your behalf and who completes the Tenancy Agreement, our commission will be charged as follows:

  1. 8% of the total rent reserved under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement.  The total amount of commission falls due at the commencement of each tenancy and/or extension and will be deducted from the initial rent payment(s) received from the Tenant.
  2. If the tenants’ leaves prior to the end of the tenancy, the landlord shall be entitled to reimbursement or refund of any fees paid for the remainder of the tenancy. However, it is agreed that the agent is given 4 weeks to re-let the property to substitute tenants for the remaining period of original tenancy at no extra charge. First 6 months commission will be forfeited in all cases.
  3. With regard to extended tenancies or a fresh tenancy of another property owned by you granted to the tenant, initial commission paid is payable of the total rent reserved under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, whether or not negotiated by us. (Only applicable to letting only services)
  4. 1% of the total rent reserved under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, for the demand and collection of rent and accounting to you payable from the rent collected.
  5. In all cases it is LONDON HomeLets policy to receive the initial rent payment(s) from the tenant in order to meet our commission.
  6. We do not charge a minimum fee.
  7. Commission agreed is payable if a tenancy (after the formal offer letter has been accepted) is refused by the landlord/lady without any reasonable grounds.



(Only applicable to letting only services)

Where a tenancy is offered, renewed or extended to same tenant (or any person associated with tenant) originally introduced by LONDON HomeLets Ltd, a renewal fee of 5% +VAT payable of the gross rental for the term shall be payable on the renewal date. The Agent shall prepare the tenancy, if required, for the new or extended tenancy. The fees is payable in the event of continuation of tenancy irrespective of whether tenancy has been renewed by way of an agreement or not.


The services included in our commission are:

  1. Finding and introducing a tenant for the property.
  2. Taking up and checking references but not including any charges for a company search should this be requested?
  3. Negotiating the terms of the tenancy between you and the tenant.
  4. Drawing up a Tenancy Agreement.
  5. Collecting the deposit (as stakeholder) payable by the tenant against any dilapidation’s.

* All the above & fees are subject to sole agency.